How to protect your PC from malwares

In our previous post on How to fix your USB for lost files and hidden folders, We mentioned about this program, Malwarebytes, that helps you protect your USB, PC or laptops against malwares, spywares and other types of viruses.

Try and Install Malwarebytes.

1.) Download and install the program here for FREE.

2.) After installing, run the Malwarebytes program then click Scan Now.

3.) Wait for it to finish scanning.

4.) If there are threats detected just click Remove Selected.

5.) click Finish and VOILA! Your system is clean again.

We hope that this will help you protect your PC and laptops against those annoying Malwares and Spywares and make your systems run like new again.


Additional Tips:

  • This program helps you remove Malwares and Spywares completely.
  • This includes removal of annoying search engines that automatically installed to your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.
  • This program is really effective even you install just their Free Version.
  • Just make it a habit to use Malwarebytes once a month.


This post’s photos come from the version 2.0 and they recently updated their program to version 3.0 that doesn’t look much different to these photos and the steps are still the same.